Restaurant Review: Tacologist

Top Shelf Hand-Crafted Margaritas: Spicy Cilantro and All-Berry

At the end of April, a new restaurant opened in University Circle: Tacologist.  A few days ago, the fine folks at Tacologist invited my boyfriend and I to come and sample their menu.  We had a lovely night with great food, drink, and service.  

We started the night with a couple beautiful margaritas - both super delicious. I am a sucker for a spicy margarita, so I chose the Spicy Cilantro.  This and the All-Berry were both really good and folks... they know how to pour if you know what I mean.  

For appetizers, we chose the flautas and some guacamole. The flautas were filled with juicy, shredded chicken and were crispy and delicious. 


The guacamole was very fresh and made in the classic fashion with a hint of spice from the jalapeno and a hint of lime and cilantro. The chips were clearly hand-made - light and crispy.

Inside the restaurant

While we waited for our dinner, we took in the sights. It's a cool looking place inside and out. It was unfortunately rainy that night, so we couldn't enjoy the beautiful patio, but the inside was nice and inviting and the service was excellent. No hiccups at all. You would never know they've only been open a little over a month.

The patio

Taco platter: Garlic Shrimp, BBQ Pork, and a Fish Taco

We had to sample some of their tacos of course, and I think all three were excellent choices. The Garlic Shrimp taco comes on a lettuce wrap so shout-out to my keto peeps... they got you. I would suspect they'd put anything in a lettuce wrap if you asked them nicely.

The BBQ pork taco was super packed with flavor and the fish taco was just what you want: lightly breaded and fried delicate fish topped with fresh cabbage and a spicy sauce.

BBQ Pork Burrito
We also enjoyed one of their burritos: the BBQ Pork. It was filled with shredded pork, pinto beans, and this cheese that I wanted to propose to. So so good. On the menu they list it as queso, which tells me that I'll be ordering a big ol' bowl of that the next time we're there. 

Market vegetables: zucchini, squash, and mushrooms

We chose a couple sides: fried beans and market vegetables. Both were wonderful, especially the vegetables. They tasted like they were just pulled off the grill.

We literally loved everything we ate that night and I would recommend that you hurry over and check out Tacologist ASAP. This is more than just a taco joint... it's the full experience.  

11409 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH