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My name is Tara and I am a self-proclaimed, card-carrying FOODIE. I LOVE to cook, love to talk about food, watch programs about food, read about food, and dine out at as many interesting restaurants as I can to learn more about food. I actually work at an office job because frankly it pays more than I would make as a chef (unless of course I reached Bobby Flay status... and well I'm already 37 so...). Plus, I'm thinking that keeping my beloved hobby of cooking to my private life is a sure-fire way of keeping it fun and not making it feel more like work. Yuck. 


I mention Mark quite often in this blog, so you might as well meet him as well. He's the cutie next to me in the photo below. He is also a great home chef... actually, he's better than me but don't tell him I said that. :-)


I've learned much of what I know now about cooking from him. We happily live together in Cleveland with our two cats. We're both huge fans of food and cooking... but we DO enjoy other things, too. We're Cleveland sports fans, so we love our Indians, Cavs, and Browns. We are also both huge rock fans and love going to concerts together. Our favorite band is Dream Theater. Best.Band.Ever. You won't find a more talented band.

So that's us in a nutshell. We love good food, good wine, good beer, and love to laugh. Nice to meet ya. ;-)

- Tara & Mark