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Keto Breaded Chicken with Spinach Mushroom Sauce

Are you craving a hearty breaded chicken breast, but you're trying to keep your carbs down?  Well here's a nice alternative to using traditional breadcrumbs... just use almond flour!
Costco sells a 3 lb bag for $21 and it lasts a good long while.  The consistency is super fine, so it's perfect for breading or baking.

I was super hungry and tired the night I made this dish, which might explain why I only remembered to take photos of some of the steps on this one.  But I still wanted to share this with you because it really was delicious.  
The main idea you should take away from this post is that you can still have breaded, fried foods for dinner and stay within your Keto macros.  
In this recipe, I started by chopping up 4 strips of thick-cut bacon and frying it up in a pan.  I was apparently really excited about the bacon step, because I took a photo of it.  Isn't the bacon step everyone's favorite?

Next you'll want to bread your chicken.  I used two boneless,…

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