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Cibréo Italian Kitchen opens today in Playhouse Square

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 022
Our tasting menu

Last week Mark and I were lucky enough to be invited to preview Scott Kuhn's (owner of Washington Place Bistro and Inn in Little Italy and 87 West in Crocker Park, to name just a couple) latest venture located in beautiful Playhouse Square called Cibréo Italian Kitchen, which opened its doors today. Coming soon: Cibréo Privato, a private function facility adjacent to the restaurant. Cibréo is located at 1438 Euclid Avenue, otherwise known as the old Bricco location.  In my opinion, this is a major upgrade as I have never been a huge Bricco fan.

Cibréo is a Tuscan themed restaurant serving authentic Italian lunches and dinners.  They feature fresh and local ingredients, signature cocktails and fine wines.  They also feature a beautiful interior and a friendly wait staff.

Scott Kuhn told us that evening about his travels to Italy and how he tried to model his newest restaurant after the beautiful places he dined at while he was there.  I found the atmosphere at Cibréo to be relaxing, rustic, inviting, and just plain beautiful.  This would be a perfect place for a drink or dinner before or after a show in Playhouse Square.  Single guys take note: good date spot.  ;-)

cibreo plain dealer
(Photo courtesy of Cibréo)  See if you can spot Mark in this photo.  :-)

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 018
(Pictured: Chef Erik Martinez)

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 003
(Pictured: Proprietor Scott Kuhn welcoming us to Cibréo)

Me and Mark

When we first arrived, we were offered one of their signature drinks: the Paloma Italia.  This drink was light and delicious and not super sweet like a lot of cocktails.  It was made up of Milagro Reposado tequila, fresh lime juice, and grapefruit flavored San Pellegrino sparkling water.  Very simple, yet completely refreshing and delicious on the rocks.

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 006
Bread to start
Cibreo Italian Kitchen 004
Pesto, butter, sea salt, and olive oil

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 013

We were then shown to the dining room and soon after our server arrived with some bread, bread sticks and a plate decorated with butter, pesto, olive oil and a pink sea salt. It was a heavenly combination to accompany our bread and get our taste buds going.

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 012
Porcini + Sausage + Bean Soup

Next, we were served our first course chosen from the appetizer portion of the menu: the Porcini + Sausage + Bean Soup.  Wow, what a way to start the meal.  This soup was right down my alley.  The flavors of sausage and mushroom were perfectly balanced with tender white beans and quite the spicy kick.  This soup with a salad would be the most perfect light dinner on a cold winter's evening.

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 014
Risotto Funghi to share

Our second course consisted of a selection from Risotto & Gnocchi portion of the menu: the Risotto Funghi.  This was the most rustic risotto I have ever tasted.  It boasts strong flavors from the porcini and shiitake mushroooms, which were accompanied by pecorino toscano cheese and topped off with truffle.  Well hell, that can't be bad, right?  I would say this dish isn't for everyone, but for mushroom lovers, it is a great choice and I must say, beautifully prepared and presented. 

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 016

For our third course, we were treated to something from the Pasta portion of the menu: the Bolognese. Bolognese is ALWAYS a good idea. This one was made with veal, pork, and beef and served over pappardelle. The wide noodles had just the right chew to them and the meat sauce was delicate and delicious with a touch of sweetness.

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 019
Pork Osso Buco

Our fourth course was chosen for us from the Secondo portion of the menu: the Pork Osso Buco served over a brown butter polenta with gremolata and swiss chard. The meat was fall off the bone tender and so comforting, especially paired with the warm and creamy polenta. This dish had a slight citrus tang from the gremolata that added a brightness to the overall flavor. Yum!

Cibreo Italian Kitchen 023
Lemon and Chocolate Gelato

Our fifth and final course came to us from the dessert menu: Gelato! Lemon and chocolate. It was so creamy and full flavored. Mark said, "THAT is gelato." So good.

It was a great evening and we were honored to be asked to taste the amazing food this restaurant has to offer. Thank you, Scott Kuhn, for bringing yet another great restaurant to Cleveland. Count Cibréo as reason number 1,405,345 to flee to the Cleve.


  1. I enjoyed finally putting a face with a name. It was a pleasure sitting next to you and your husband.


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