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FOODIE Quickie: Fresh Salsa


I just realized today that I've never posted my go-to salsa recipe on here and well... that's a problem.  The one I use comes from the master himself: Rick Bayless.  If you want a good salsa recipe, he's your man.  This recipe comes from his cookbook, Mexican Everyday.

Everyone should have a good salsa recipe so they can whip up their own fresh salsa whenever the mood strikes them.  Because let's be honest, fresh salsa is really the only way to go.  That cooked down, preservative-filled stuff they sell in the chip aisle really isn't good.  It's got a weird runny, smooshy consistency and the taste is anything but fresh. 

When I think of salsa, I think of bright, fresh flavors like lime and cilantro, fresh tomatoes, spicy jalapeno, and I like some crunch and chunkiness in my salsa.  The only way you're gonna get any of this is by either making it yourself, or having someone else make it for you.  So you know what... stop whining and just do it yourself. ;-) 

Learn it now because Spring is here and Summer is coming and you're gonna need something to eat with your icy cold Negra Modelo. 


Chunky Fresh Tomato Salsa

Recipe by Rick Bayless

If you’re comfortable and efficient with a knife, the flavors of Mexico’s quintessential, eponymous salsa (often called pico de gallo on our side of the border) can be on your table at a moment’s notice. But not ...

See Chunky Fresh Tomato Salsa on Key Ingredient.


  1. Love fresh salsa! Just found your wonderful blog and am a new follower!
    - Jessica @

  2. Thanks, Jessica! I appreciate the follow :-) I'm checking out your blog now and I'm already liking what I see. I LOVE spicy food, so I'll def be trying out some stuff off your site!

  3. Just logged on today to update the blog and I'm totally sitting here sipping a Negra Modelo after eating some of my salsa :-) You have to make it!


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