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Before and After


Aahhh... I'm having a Sunday. How are all of you? Good, I hope. I've had a great weekend spent with friends, good food, and now some relaxation paired with a cup of hot coffee and football. Sundays are so nice, aren't they? Sleeping in until 11am, getting up and making breakfast, then kicking back and watching football all day. So I thought since I haven't popped in and said hello to all of you in a while, I'd break out the laptop and share some recipes with you while I lay here and watch football.

But first, let me share our new kitchen with you! Well, it's not a whole new kitchen, but it's a new hood, backsplash, and shelves and it totally transformed the way that part of the kitchen looks. Not to mention the improvement in the new hood's functionality! Now we can blacken, fry, and sear our heads off and the kitchen won't be filled with smoke anymore! This sucker takes care of any amount of smoke you wanna throw at. It's just awesome and I love it.

So, enough chatter, do you want to see it? Ok, ok....

Let me just say one more thing. Not only can my man cook like a pro, he can also turn this:


Tear down

... into THIS.


I like to call this the "my hood can kick your hood's ass" hood. Isn't it purdy?


  1. it certainly could ;-) haha, that is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. That is AMAZING! GO Mark!

    BTW: Did you guys pick up the Dream Theater live CD/DVD?

  3. ttfn300 - thanks!

    matt - Yeah, go Mark! :-) And no, we haven't gotten the live CD/DVD yet. I don't know if we will or not since we have all the studio CDs... it may be nice to have the DVD though.

  4. wow, what an improvement!

  5. i just had to comment. that looks beautiful! i can't wait to one day not rent and be able to create my perfect kitchen!

  6. Wow now that's a serious Kitchen.


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