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Southwestern Shrimp and Avocado Scoops!

tostitos entry 2

Attention all my blogosphere buddies, friends, family, and heck...strangers! I need your help. I've just entered a contest put on by Tostitos® and the Food Network to try and win a trip to NYC and a tour of the Food Network Kitchens. If you know me at all, you know that would make my YEAR!

My submission is pictured above. Like what you see? Then please, click on the following link and rate my recipe:,,FOOD_9883_68991,00.html?sortby=recent&pn=1&pageref=Photo_Video-934061

Oh, and tell all your friends! Visit the library and rate it on each PC! Whatever you feel is necessary... :-)


  1. Those look really tasty!

  2. These look amazing. How can I get the full recipe. I can only get some of the ingredients from Foodnetwork.


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