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Chicken Parmesan

Hey guys!  Long time no blog, eh?  Yeah... unfortunately I fell out of it for a while, but I'm back now and hope to be back at it for a long time to come.  :-)

So I thought I'd return with a nice comfort food dish to share with you all today.  I made this last night, Sunday night, which was the day after a very long and busy Saturday.  It consisted of Mark and a portion of his family/friends working together to make 400 lbs of homemade sausage and of me feeding them all.  Needless to say we were both very tired and worn out the following day.  I tend to respond to days like this in one of two ways: lay around all day like a lazy lump or putz around the kitchen all day.  I definitely thought the former was going to happen, but the latter is what actually transpired.  I was just in the mood to cook and take my time doing it.  But, since I was pretty tired from the day before, I felt like making something comforting.  Something we both hadn't had in a while.  Something that …

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