Guest Blog Post: Meet Tyler Gall, Lover of Chili

Photo courtesy of Tyler Gall

Today's blog post is brought to you by one of my new friends that I've never actually met in person, but hang out with almost on a daily basis online.  His name is Tyler and he has his own blog called Memoirs of a Sick Addict.  As you've probably gathered by the title, it is not a food blog.  In fact, you have to click a little button proving you're an adult before even READING his blog.  But never fear, it's not a porn site or anything close to that.  It's a funny, anything goes kind of "man journal" where Tyler can put into words what he's thinking that day and he doesn't really care if it's offensive or filthy at times.  Hence, the little disclaimer before entering his site. 

Anyway, I knew he was funny, but I was just recently made aware of the fact that he enjoys cooking as well.  Well, at least he enjoys preparing the perfect pot of chili.  In fact, he is so passionate about chili that he has penned his own "Chili Manifesto" if you will.  Since I obviously suck at posting on a regular basis these days, Tyler has graciously agreed to guest post on my blog today and share with all of you his favorite way to prepare a kick ass pot of chili.  So Tyler, this is everyone... and everyone, this is Tyler:

Photo courtesy of Tyler Gall