Chorizo, Mushroom, and Roasted Jalapeño Stuffed Cheeseburgers

Ok, I know... this is not very healthy. You might even gain weight just by looking at it too long. However, if you stick to only licking your screen, it is JUST 0 CALORIES! Perfect!

This is actually something I made a couple weekends ago that I thought I'd share with you. I wanted to come up with a unique signature cheeseburger to call my own. I'm not quite sure about the name yet - it's a bit long, but I didn't know what else to call it. I'm still tweaking this one, but here was my first shot at it. I'd like to change the bun (even though this one tasted good) to give it a bit more pizzazz.

Actually, although decadent and probably high calorie, it was really good! I was really happy with the taste and the spiciness of this burger. If you're looking to throw down with some beefy, cheesy, spicy goodness, well then here's your burger, sister.

Here's how it went down:

In a cast iron pan, I sauteed some thinly sliced chorizo and onions for a few minutes until the onions were tender.

I then added some sliced mushrooms and sauteed them for a few more minutes, allowing the mushrooms to absorb the strong flavors of the chorizo.

The mixture is done when the mushrooms begin to brown and the chorizo just begins to get crisp around the edges. Remove from the pan and drain on paper towels.

While the chorizo, onions, and mushrooms are cooking, roast a jalapeño pepper, skin, seed, and finely dice it. Add it to the chorizo mixture after it's been drained. Pop the mixture into the fridge until it cools enough to handle with your hands.

In the meantime, put together your chipotle mayo. I used light mayo (because that's what I had, not because I thought THAT was what was gonna save me from the 2 lbs. I probably gained after eating this) and some chipotle flavored Tabasco sauce. By the way, I have almost all of the Tabasco flavors - I'm a hot sauce freak. Love it!!! Cover the mayo with plastic wrap and pop that in the fridge so the two ingredients can get cozy.

For two burgers, measure out 1 lb. of hamburger meat and split in half. Form into patties and flatten. Add a good amount of the chorizo mixture to the middle of each burger.

Fold over the back part of the burger to cover half the mixture.

Next, fold up the other side of the burger patty, then pinch the ends closed and form the burger patty with your hands so you can no longer see the filling and the burger is shaped kinda like a little meatloaf.

Season the burger with salt and pepper and drizzle with a little olive oil.

Grill indoors or outdoors until done medium well. Melt some sharp chedder cheese on top.

Grill your buns next until they start to brown a little on the cut side. (By the way, those are the burgers under the tin foil so the cheese would get all melty.)

Time to build your burgers. Spread some chipotle mayo on the bottom bun, top with your stuffed cheeseburger, a couple thick slices of roma tomatoes, then top with the top bun.

The fun part about these burgers is the surprise inside when you cut them in half. They're great with a cold beer. Enough said. Have a good Saturday night this weekend and grill up a couple of these babies. Hell yeah.

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  1. Just found your blog yesterday and I'm so glad I did! These stuffed burgers look awesome. My husband made similar stuffed burgers once and they were awesome. I'm a big fan. :)


  2. Elise - welcome! I'm glad you stopped by and I'm glad you like the burger. It really was good. Hope to see ya back here in the future!

  3. My man would love this burger! I'm glad to hear that licking the screen is calorie-free.

    How about naming it "Cho-Mush-Ja", or "Chori-mush-ja" Burger... hee hee ...but that might make it sound korean/japanese though ;-) or simply, "Tara's stuffed surprise" burger.

    p/s: thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

  4. The stuffed burgers sound so tasty! Great job stuffing them.

  5. oh my gosh. that looks beyond amazing! nicely done.

  6. nora b - "Cho-Mush-Ja" haha... Sounds like a big furry animal that hangs out with Hans Solo. I like "stuffed surprise", that's cute.

    kevin - thanks! i'm a pro? haha...

    alexa - giirrrrrrrrrrrl..... it was.

  7. I made jalapeño and pepper jack-stuffed burgers this weekend for the man. Mmmm! Inspired brilliantly from your site, I presume... Or some really rad dream I had.


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