Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies


The first time I tasted these cookies was at Neiman Marcus in Chicago.  Mark told me how famous their cookies were and suggested we go in to give them a try.  We walked in and found the cookie counter.  What was hilarious was the woman behind the counter; she was SO very fancy, or so she really really wanted us to believe.  She asked us in her best I'm-acting-like-I'm-rich-even-though-I-work-behind-a-cookie-counter-in-a-department-store voice, "What may I get for you this afternoon?"  and we ordered one cookie to split.  Yes, it was over-priced (around $4 for 1 cookie, better than $250 I guess), but that's not why we ordered just one cookie.  It was because they are HUGE!  They're literally the size of a softball.  Fancy Nancy behind the counter nodded her head, then proceeded to put on white gloves (not food service gloves, but pretty white silk-looking gloves), then lovingly placed one chocolate chip cookie into a beautiful bag and presented it to us.  It was hilarious.

We walked out and shared the cookie as we walked around the city.  It was deliciously cakey in texture and of course flavor.  I immediately came home and found the recipe online and.... never made it. We're not huge dessert eaters in this house, which is why you don't usually see a whole lot of desserts posted here until the holidays hit.  If you want dessert, go here immediately:  Smitten Kitchen  <--- 'cause this gal can turn out some freakin' awesome desserts!

So how do you make these?  Well...


Shrimp Fried Rice


I wanted to share with you my favorite recipe for shrimp fried rice. I searched and searched the web a while back for a site with good Asian recipes and I luckily found Jaden Hair's blog called Steamy Kitchen. After only a few minutes of looking through her beautiful site, I could already tell that I would be checking it first whenever I needed a good Asian recipe and wanted to learn the technique behind it. One day I was really craving fried rice and I don't know about you, but I am rarely impressed with takeout Chinese fried rice. I wanted to learn the technique behind one of my favorite dishes, so I checked Jaden's website and found her recipe for shrimp fried rice. The thing I immediately noticed about the recipe is that it was really very simple. However, it's amazing how if you follow this recipe to the letter, it comes out tasting so fresh and delicious. I absolutely love this recipe and I suggest the next time you find yourself reaching for the phone to order in some Chinese food, you take the time you'd be waiting for your food to arrive to make this recipe instead.

Now let's talk about how this recipe is prepared...