The Next Iron Chef is....

Michael Symon!!!! Yeah!!!!

I watched the final show last night and it was really exciting. I really think it was a close battle because John Besh's food looked great, too. I was bias, of course, because I live in Cleveland, so I really wanted to see Michael Symon win, but honestly I would have been happy if either won. They both seem like really nice guys and they both have great culinary talent.

I STILL haven't eaten at Lola or Lolita yet, now I HAVE to! I'm so excited for the new season of Iron Chef America now! I do have one question though, does anyone know if we're now going to have four Iron Chefs, or is Michael Symon replacing one of our current chefs?

Ok, gotta go for now, but stop back later tonight. I'm making something with hot peppers, I'm just not sure what yet. It was a tie between hot peppers and artichoke hearts on the poll last week and since I just did that artichoke panini, I'm going with hot peppers. See you tonight!

UPDATE: Check out my links on the left of this site. Michael Symon JUST started a blog called Symon Says and I added the link to my site. Check it out!


  1. cleveland food is so much better than nashville food... you must go and check out that restaurant! if i lived near you we would be there FOR SURE!!! RUHLMAN IS COMING TO NASHVILLE ON THURSDAY FOR A COOKING DEMO/BOOK SIGNING. oops - i didn't mean to cap lock... but i think he's doing or has done a cleveland thing too, right?

  2. I hadn't heard, I'll have to keep my ears open. Yes, I'm sure I'll be visiting Lola very soon (if I can get reservations!) :-)


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